Financial Literacy

Need help understanding the financial aid process? Have questions on loan repayment? View the FAFSA tutorial as well as other tools that can help you improve your finance knowledge!

FAFSA tutorial

Don’t understand how to file a FAFSA? Watch this video for a step-by-step process on how to file a FAFSA.

Making a Budget

With college being a new experience for most, it is important to start budgeting as soon as possible. Provided is a Monthly Budget Planner excel spreadsheet to help jumpstart you on the right track.

Financial Aid Awareness

The Department of Education offers information to help you obtain an in-depth understanding of what your awards are and your responsibility after college. Complete Financial Awareness Counseling here.

Life After College

What comes after college can be a daunting question and an unknown process. The following loan repayment and information listed below can help:

Other Helpful Information