New Undergraduate Students

Below are the steps needed in order to qualify for financial aid assistance:

  1. Submit your application for admission to Vanguard and be accepted on or before March 2nd. Students accepted after this date are still eligible for financial aid, but at reduced amounts, especially for institutional aid.
  2. File your FAFSA on or before March 2, 2014. Students who submit their FAFSA after this date are still eligible for aid, but may not be considered for all institutional aid. Submit your FAFSA online at Your FAFSA must be submitted on or before March 2, 2014 for you to be considered for state and federal grants, federal loans, and institutional scholarships. A FAFSA submitted after this date is still accepted, but you may not qualify for all aid opportunities.
  3. To complete the FAFSA you will need your tax information for the prior year, including your W2 and tax return, and your parent(s) tax information if you are a dependent student. For the 2014/2015 FAFSA you will need your 2013 tax information. If you have not yet filed taxes you may use estimated amounts and correct any changes after you file taxes for the year. Remember if there is a large difference between what you report on your FAFSA and your final tax information, the Financial Aid Office may have to make changes to your financial aid package.
  4. Accept or decline your aid. Once the Financial Aid Office has awarded your aid, you will need to log in to your myVU Portal and accept or decline any offered aid.
  5. Complete your Entrance Loan counseling and Master Promissory Note. If you have accepted any federal loans as part of your aid package, you will need to complete a Direct Loan Master Promissory Note and Loan Entrance Counseling through before the Financial Aid Office is able to disburse any loans to your account.