Enrollment Requirements

Students receiving financial aid are generally required to be admitted as regular standing students and are expected to maintain a full-time class load each semester. Most Vanguard University scholarships require full-time enrollment. Students not maintaining full-time enrollment during a semester will be subject to reduction or cancellation of financial aid. Students applying for Federal Direct or PLUS Loans must be enrolled at least half-time. Students receiving Cal grant or Pell grant will have the award pro-rated based on enrollment status as determined for each semester of the academic year. The SEOG and Perkins Loan require full-time enrollment. Please note: graduate students are generally expected to maintain a half-time class load each semester. Institutional financial aid will be cancelled for undergraduate students enrolled less than full time or graduate students enrolled less than half-time.


The Financial Aid Office will review the enrollment status of each student receiving financial aid twice each semester. The first check will be ten days from the start of each semester. The second check will be at the end of the fourth week of each semester, the last day to add or drop courses for the semester. Financial aid will be frozen according to enrollment status at the second checkpoint. Students who add or drop a class after the second enrollment checkpoint in a semester will not have financial aid adjusted for the remainder of the semester. Units dropped after the enrollment checkpoint could result in future financial aid eligibility being affect according to the Satisfactory Academic Progress requirements for financial aid. Students who remain enrolledĀ  but cease attending classes (unofficially withdraw) will be subject to the return of financial aid based upon the Return to Title IV policy.

  • Undergraduate students are required to notify the Financial Aid Office if they will enroll or drop below full-time enrollment status during any term of attendance at Vanguard University
  • Graduate/Credential students are required to notify the Financial Aid Office if they will enroll in or any classes during any term of attendance at Vanguard University

VU Enrollment Status Definition


  • Undergraduate/Credential: 12-18 units
  • Professional Studies: 12-18 units
  • Graduate: 9 units


  • Undergraduate/Credential: 6 units
  • Professional Studies: 6 units
  • Graduate: 5 units

Institutional Aid That Requires Full-Time Status

  • Academic: Presidential, Provost, Dean, Director, Founders, Gold Pride, Lion I, Lion II, Lion III, Lion IV, Lion V
  • AG Emerging Leader/Fine Arts Merit Scholarship
  • Ministry Scholarships
  • Vanguard Need Grant
  • National Merit Finalist Scholarship

A student may appeal in writing to the Financial Aid Office to receive institutional grants and scholarships for attending part-time in any given semester. The appeal must be submitted in writing before the final enrollment checkpoint for each semester. If the appeal is approved, financial aid will be pro-rated based on enrollment status for the approved semester. A student may receive only one semester of pro-rated aid while enrolled at Vanguard University.

Part-Time Pro-Rated Aid

Traditional Undergrads/Credential

  • 9-11 units: 75% of full-time scheduled award
  • 6-8 units: 50% of full-time scheduled award
  • 3-5 units: 25% of full-time scheduled award
  • 1-2 units: 0% of the full-time scheduled award


  • 5-8 units: 50% of full-time scheduled award
  • 1-4 units: 0% of the full-time scheduled award